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A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks

Your body will work hard then rest (while remaining active), work hard then rest.Interval training is simply a matter of alternating high intensity exercise and low intensity exercise. Interval training can also be helpful if your goal is to move yourself up to the next level of endurance and fitness. If aerobics classes are your genre, add explosive moves like jumps or sprints. Interval training is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to train the body. Your heart, lungs and muscles will make the transition to running, running farther, or running faster in a safe and productive manner.

Molly Setnick graduated from Baylor University with a BS in Health/Fitness Studies. If your goal is calorie burning and toning, and you are short on time, then interval training does more, faster.Are you in an exercise rut? Do you want to kick your fitness level up a notch and increase your endurance? Would you like to add more intensity to you workout? Interval training is a good way to achieve all of these goals in a safe and systematic manner. Inquiries may be made at .

Copyright ? 2004 Molly Setnick. But taking a 30 minute run up hill or on a steeply inclined treadmill would quickly exhaust most of us, or likely force us to stop early. However, running up hill then back down, or up hill then on flat ground would allow for high intensity work counter balanced by intervals of slower periods of active recovery. There are a lot of ways to add intervals to your workout.Interval training is productive and can add excitement to your ho-hum exercise routine. Permission is granted to reprint this article in non-commercial publications so long as the bio paragraph and this notice is included. E-mail me if you need suggestions on how to intensify, endure and enjoy. Just remember that improving cardiovascular health requires aerobic exercise of 30 ? 60 minutes, so don't make all of your workouts quickies, save those for when you're in a rush. A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks. All other rights reserved. It allows one to get the benefits of the high intensity work while giving the body some rest time. You'll be glad you did.

Running on a flat surface burns calories and gives your heart and lungs a great cardiovascular workout. Running up hill challenges your muscles, heart, and lungs, burning more calories and providing additional toning.Because interval training burns a lot of calories and provides good muscle work, it may help you save time. She is certified Plastic racks Manufacturers as a Physical Fitness Specialist through The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas and is AFAA certified to teach aerobics. Maybe you have been trying to start a running program, but can't seem to maintain such a demanding exercise. It allows one to extend a workout time period and build endurance gradually. If you are already a runner add hills or speed segments. Likewise, running one mile burns the same number of calories as walking one mile. Include segments of speed walking in your normal walking routine or take the incline of your treadmill up a little higher at timed intervals.

Interval training burns more calories and pumps more blood than continuous lower intensity exercise because it includes intervals of energy and oxygen-hungry work. She can be reached at . She co-writes a weekly column for the Texas Jewish Post with Jessica Setnick, MS, RD/LD called "Making Fitness Fit". But walking one mile takes a lot more time. Doing interval work in place of your normal routine, once a month, once a week, or once a day, is a good and effective plan. Marathoners commonly use this method to train for an up-coming race. 

Elliptical cross trainers meet the overall need of any exercise program

Copyright ? 2005 Treadmill Info. If you want a good all around machine that the whole family can use for workouts, a treadmill is the perfect choice. Elliptical cross trainers meet the overall need of any exercise program. For more fitness related articles go Jet Aerators Manufacturers .

They combine a weight bearing exercise that limits the impact on the body while optimizing the cardiovascular benefits creating a total body workout routine.The benefits of exercise are abundant and well documented, and the best cardio workouts can increase your quality of life.Working out as an adult can have the same draw as playing outside did when we were children.

The research into exercise is conclusive enough, but we all know people in our lives that have their own testimonies to the virtue of exercise and the benefits it creates.All Rights Reserved This article is supplied by  where you will find valuable information, ratings, reviews, articles and buying tips before you make the investment in quality fitness equipment. No matter what physical shape you are in or what bodily conditions you are working with, there are great cardio routines that will benefit you and bring the glow of health back to your face. If you are ready to get on the road to the best cardio workouts, choose a workout you actually enjoy and you'll be on your way to a much healthier life. For mother and fathers who have young children, home gym workout routines sometimes provide the only way they receive exercise.

If you are looking for the one piece of fitness equipment that gives you the best cardio workouts, elliptical cross trainers are an ideal choice.To help you in your search for the best workout for you, we have assembled a wide variety of the best home gym equipment. While everyone has their own preference of workouts, the best cardio workouts are the ones you enjoy because they are the workouts you will actually complete.If you find it difficult to workout because you just don't enjoy what you are doing, chances are you won't workout faithfully for very long.

The people who see the best results from their workouts are often the people who enjoy their workouts the most.Walking and running, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes can all provide a physical challenge enough to shake loose the cobwebs from your muscles and work out the stress of the day.Home gym workout routines are convenient, easy and reduce the hassles of driving and spending time away from home. One can hardly read a magazine or watch the news without stumbling across a study or doctor claiming a new benefit from exercise.

I hope these two tips help to intensify your cardio workouts

I hope these two tips help to intensify your cardio workouts. Make sure that when you finish it, you say man that was a great workout. Try doing some intense Wholesale Paddle Wheel Aerators walking or some bike riding.

Play some basketball in the park. No way, so why would you do the same workout everyday. Your goal is to burn fat and it is real difficult to do that without reaching your target zone. Imagine if you had to read the same book everday, would that be fun.IntensifyMake sure the you are reaching your target heartrate. Why do something just to do it. Most people don't realize what they are doing. If you don't you are not getting the most out of it. You have to make it fun in order for it to work.

Change it up and take it on the run. Make it fun and interesting, that's the only way you will keep it up. Most people get bored with exercise simply because they pop these DVD's in and do the same thing everyday.Try to have at least 4-6 different exercises. If you don't you could have done much better.Take it outsideDon't just stay in the gym.The Cardio King Change it up One of the most important aspects to a cardio workout is changing it.

The first year is the growth year and the second year is the fruiting year

The first year is the growth year and the second year is the fruiting year. An extra advantage for the northern grower is that half-high blueberries were especially bred to withstand the heavy snowfalls and cold winters of inland North America and are hardy to Zone 3. As you might expect, they are named because the bushes grow to 6-feet in height. Blueberries are shallow rooted and poor competitors against large rooted trees, shrubs, and weeds that compete for water, nutrients, and crowd airways necessary to good blueberry production.Once established, a blueberry bush may remain productive for decades with just a minimum of care.

Plants need a pH of 4. The sweet, quarter-inch fruits of lowbush blueberries commonly are known as Wild Blueberries and are hardy in Zones 3 through 6.Along with lip-smacking sweetness, flower and foliage are also worthy reasons to grow blueberries. Highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum) are those usually found in the produce department of your grocery. Add a generous portion of peat moss to your trench or hole both to increase the organic content and to ensure continued soil acidity. Plants tolerate partial shade, but production declines as shade increases.The most important element is growing blueberries is soil composition.Linda Automatic Shrimp Feeder Machinery Manufacturers is an author of Gardening Tips Tricks and Howto's. Dig holes or make your row three to four inches deeper than the size of the root balls.3. To make the most of your blueberry planting, begin necessary soil amendments the year before planting. Five plants provide enough blueberries for fresh eating, drying, and preserving for a family of four. Half-high blueberries  When growing several plants, you may find it easier to prepare a bed rather than digging holes for individual plants. In addition to taste and appearance, blueberries are ripe with medical advantages; they help lower cholesterol and studies suggest that blueberries also reduce the risk of some cancers.

The site Linda writes for.Types of Blueberries1. Propagated from shoots spread through underground runners, lowbush blueberries form low mats of plants that produce best on a two-year cycle.Planting blueberriesAlthough most blueberries self-pollinate, plant two or more varieties within a type for a larger harvest of more voluptuous fruits.

Murphy says that they will land in the worst possible location

These products should be on hand normally.brett@macarthurwatergardens. A tarp on PVC legs or rope over the pond will help keep the temperature down.com. When the power goes out you plug your air pump into the inverter.4: EMERGENCY POWER. A portable generator can be used for some or all your equipment but will have to be started and switched usually during a storm. 60 squirts is good for 100 gallons.FILTERSBacteria in a filter will go anaerobic without oxygen. It has few fish so it does not need extra filter or aeration.WATER TREATMENTS. 3-5 days of no food will make a huge difference.com and pond-filters-online. Most storms are short or do little real damage. It also can be graded out and still have an in ground look.

Just take care that it does not flood someone else. For longer periods of time you can recharge the battery with a car, self start lawnmower, motorcycle or small emergency generator. Apply with a squirt bottle forcefully under the surface of the water. One solution is to have an emergency generator that can be started automatically when the power goes out. The most obvious and the most popular is the garden pond. You also can find complete units like the XP600 for $279.

Make sure your test is a salicylate type as opposed to a Nessler rent base kit that will give false readings with ammonia control chemicals. Conditions in an over stocked over fed pond will quickly deteriorate. It can be above the waterline or stubbed up from below. With no food the amount of ammonia produced will be dramatically reduced. This is a common practice when taking koi to a show to prevent ammonia build up in holding tanks. One thing we all share is power outages. It can be added to the pond and add huge amounts of dissolved oxygen to a system. It will start going bad and producing toxic wastes like hydrogen sulfide. Plan for ammonia build up with no filtration by chemical treatments and halting of food.A car battery and a power inverter can run an air pump and air stone for hours. Mydor is one brand of test kit that will work. Emergency power works most efficiently with aeration. Ours are usually caused by storms. Both of these solutions work but will need fuel on hand and tested regularly for events that may only happen once or twice a year or a big event that may never happen. This will make rainwater drain away from the pond instead of into it.

The key is in the number of fish.Heavy rain can make a pond quickly overflow or be flooded out. Having a plan to handle them will make life less stressful for you and your fish. A lesser or under stocked pond will always be healthier, have less maintenance, and survive periods of no power.In summary plan for flooding and power outages. ? If at ground level consider surrounding the perimeter with a wall of sand bags 1 or 2 bags high.Products like Amquel or Ammo Lock are products that bind ammonia and prevent it from harming fish. Having the waterline above grade makes any overflow drain simple.A pond should be built with the top above grade. Buffers can be used like baking soda will help keep ph stable. A hurricane is always a threat that hopefully will never happen or have only a minimal consequence.This is another item that should be on hand. This can be a raised wall or lip.Lets say we are in a hurricane watch or a tropical storm warning and we have five days to get ready. If it is an open filter you can have air stones on your emergency power to help keep the filter aerobic and living. It needs to drain to an area that can handle a lot of water.com.

Murphy says that they will land in the worst possible location. Drastic, but it has been done. Check your inventory of chemicals such as pH adjustors, Amquel or Ammo Lock. Heavy rains can cause a rapid change in the pH and the temperature of your pond water.