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I hope these two tips help to intensify your cardio workouts

I hope these two tips help to intensify your cardio workouts. Make sure that when you finish it, you say man that was a great workout. Try doing some intense Wholesale Paddle Wheel Aerators walking or some bike riding.

Play some basketball in the park. No way, so why would you do the same workout everyday. Your goal is to burn fat and it is real difficult to do that without reaching your target zone. Imagine if you had to read the same book everday, would that be fun.IntensifyMake sure the you are reaching your target heartrate. Why do something just to do it. Most people don't realize what they are doing. If you don't you are not getting the most out of it. You have to make it fun in order for it to work.

Change it up and take it on the run. Make it fun and interesting, that's the only way you will keep it up. Most people get bored with exercise simply because they pop these DVD's in and do the same thing everyday.Try to have at least 4-6 different exercises. If you don't you could have done much better.Take it outsideDon't just stay in the gym.The Cardio King Change it up One of the most important aspects to a cardio workout is changing it.